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Transformational Marketing:

changing corporate landscapes

We take clients to healthier and more powerful positions, with our fully developed range of options for moving forward; where all decisions - from product development and innovation, through sales and communication, are marketing-driven and fully integrated.

MEIER performs as a consultancy in insight and analysis, a top graphics shop in brand identity and design, an award-winning advertising agency in creative output, tactical thinking and media placement, a cutting-edge new-media facilitator in digital outreach and web presence, and a marketing genius in Strategy.

Through strategic, holistic and integrated marketing, a brand can be transformed to its greatest potential. Read more.

We have won nearly every award in nearly every category our industry can bestow, and our creative work for clients like Neiman Marcus, DeBeers, Kohler, Borden, Pierre Balmain, Chopard and Chipwich, among others, has been covered in design, advertising and marketing magazines and textbooks all over the world.

While we hope you enjoy looking at our portfolio and appreciate the level of skill and craftsmanship involved in what we create, it’s neither the whole story, nor – to us – the most important part of the story.

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Client Stories

Beauty Is As Beauty Does. After winning every award in marketing, advertising, and graphics, why does MEIER say "Thank you, but it's only the 'pretty' part of the picture?"

30 Years of MEIER

MEIER is a unique firm, incorporating and integrating analysis and insights, strategy, tactics and all manner of identity and promotion – from packaging and classic advertising to new media – all set to understand, renovate and direct a company or brand’s position and value for sale, investment or growth.

It’s called marketing. It’s what we’ve been doing for thirty years for clients from Chipwich to Neiman Marcus.

Launching a Brand

We've orchestrated some ground-breaking brand launches - from to Blanc de Chine to Chipwich, to our latest, MyCube safes. And we have some very interesting stories to share.

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